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On this page you can find information about us and what we do. This press kit is designed so that you can get to know us better.

A Candle to the Unknown

Epic Lords
Seville, Spain.

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A Candle to the Unknown

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We are a small independent group formed by two members who love to offer new experiences. We are currently developing A Candle to the Unknown, our first computer game (soon it will be available for mobile devices).


The creative group has been founded by two people who already carry many years of friendship ahead. Although they do not have important references, because this is their first work, they are willing to give their all the best to offer the best possible experience. Apart from this videogame, separately they carry out another series of projects related to music and role-playing games.


Currently, Juan Fernández-Viagas and Iván Usen work on what will be their first computer game. With this, they both intend to enter the world of video game development for the first time. Despite their lack of experience in this sector, they will do everything possible to get a title that will not be indifferent at all for those who play it.